An always-in-progress list– recommended readings.

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Activism and allyship

Allyship concepts and best practices by Frameshift Consulting - What to say. And what not to say. Also features many more resources.

Impact vs. intent: why your intentions don't really matter by Jamie Utt - If your actions hurt someone, you need to be accountable– regardless of whether or not you meant to hurt them.

Nonviolent communication is for the privileged by Raffi Barbaha - Getting the words right is only the beginning. Activism takes action.

Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color by Kimberle Williams Crenshaw - Intersectionality is a buzzword now– here's the 1989 essay that coined it.

Equality Is Not Enough: What the Classroom Has Taught Me About Justice by Amy Sun - We should be working for equity and justice, not equality.

Creating trans-inclusive spaces

Gender pronouns in the workplace are not a passing trend by Lila MacLellan - Little changes that make a big difference– but, must also be accompanied by broader understanding of the complexity of gender.

Pronouns: A Resource. A guide to supporting transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) Educators and Students from GLSEN - What is a pronoun, and why are they important for a safe and inclusive learning environment?

We still need pronoun-go-rounds by Dean Spade - In defense of sharing pronouns in group spaces, why it's necessary, and how to turn the moment into an educational opportunity.

Everyone but cis men: creating better safe spaces for LGBT people by Brooke Shelley - When an attempt to be inclusive results passing a different kind of judgment on queer communities.

Printable gender neutral restroom sign from A Guide to Gender - Single-user bathroom? Is it unnecessarily labeled as “men” or “women”? Attach this sign to it for your event, or for good.

Inclusive restroom sign for gendered multi-user bathrooms by Lila Leatherman - No single-user or gender-neutral restroom available at your event? Apply an informative sign to help attendees respect everyone who uses the bathroom. Sized to be able to print 2 vertically on one 8.5x11 sheet.

Sex and gender

Definitions provided by Trans Student Educational Resources - Cisgender, transgender, queer, and more.

Glossary of terms from the Teaching Transgender Toolkit - Definitions, part two– including what not to say, and what to say instead.

Gender Unicorn by Trans Student Educational Resources - Graphic to illustrate gender identity, gender expression, etc.

Gender Identity 101: The Definitive Guide to Discussing Sex and Gender by West Anderson - “What is gender, anyway?”

Beyond XX and XY: The Extraordinary Complexity of Sex Determination by Amanda Montanez - Binaries: not true for gender, or for sex.

The New Science of Sex and Gender at Scientific American

“Diversity” in the outdoors

Five ways to make the outdoors more inclusive - A comprehensive action plan for making a more equitable outdoor community.

The Melanin Basecamp Guide to Allyship by Danielle Williams - Privilege, allyship, and action items.

Working out is a minefield when you're non-binary by Laura Bell - “The gym sucks for everyone, but it’s worse when strangers police your gender.”

Queer identities, marketing, and journalism

For brands launching a Pride campaign - A Twitter thread by Fran Tirado on how and why to move beyond rainbow-themed products.

GLAAD Media Reference guide - For writers and journalists covering queer and trans people.

The Gender Spectrum Collection: Stock Photos Beyond the Binary - “Images of trans and non-binary models that go beyond the clichés of putting on makeup and holding trans flags.”

We need to stop gendering everything by Elyse Rylander - The outdoor industry excludes trans people by offering limited ranges of fits and colors, segmented by “men” and “women.” “Offering a less gendered color palette and fits for more body types is a smart investment and a first step toward organically growing the outdoor industry’s base.”

Just What Is “Women’s Specific Gear” Anyways? And Do You Need It? by Hannah Weinberg - Gendered differences in outdoor gear– not always a clear, straightforward, or useful difference.

Long reads

Links are to Amazon for easy access to info– look for these texts at your local library or bookstore!

Ahmed, Sara. 2012. On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life

brown, adrienne maree. 2017. Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds.

Butler Judith. 1990. Gender trouble: Feminism and the subversion of identity.

Clare, Eli. 1999. Exile and Pride - Disability, Queerness, and Liberation

Clare, Eli. 2017. Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure

Feinberg, Leslie. 1993. Stone Butch Blues (free pdf available)

Kimmerer, Robin Wall. 2015. Braiding Sweetgrass - Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants

Lorde, Audre. 1984. Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

Mattilda. 2007. Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

Spence, Mark David. 1999. Dispossessing the Wilderness: Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks